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"Prokosta" - recreation centre (Astrakhan)

We invite you to visit a picturesque place situated in delta of the river Volga, within 100 km. from Astrakhan. A great number of channels and small rivers, wild nature, unique flora and fauna this is Astrakhan region. Against a background of the original beauty, on the territory of 7000 sq. meters (village Kirovsky of Kamyziaksky region), among majestic poplars the tourist base Prokosta is located. The tourist base, original in its architecture, combines in itself Italian admiration of beauty, Spanish passion for active rest and traditions of Russian hospitality. Taking into consideration the nature conditions of Astrakhan region (rivers overflows in spring), the houses are connected between themselves by wooden bridges, that adds a special charm to the base, and it resembles Russian Venice in delta of Volga.
Photo gallery ("Prokosta" recreation centre):

The name Prokosta means coastwise and suits the geographical location of the base. Our base will help you realize your dream about perfect rest, cozy friendly atmosphere and possibility of physical and spiritual perfection.

At our guests' service:

- Accommodation in cozy wooden houses

- Russian restaurant

- Organization of fishing, hunting

- Organization of underwater fishing

- Excursion tours, business tourism

- Excursions to Astrakhan

- Excursions to the temples of Astrakhan

- Excursions to lotus fields

- Conducting of conferences, seminars, banquets

- Additional services

- Sauna, billiard

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